Yet Another Noah’s Ark to Save 500 Frog Species from Extinction

Green Diary 

Be it directly connected to global warming or sexual reproduction, the alarmingly spreading deadly fungal disease, killing amphibians across the world is getting worrisome for scientists.

Do you know, between one-third and one-half of the world’s nearly 6,000 species of amphibians could eventually go extinct within the next just 50 years? Grim figures postulated by scientists assert that more than 170 species have gone extinct in last 26 years!

So, as last-ditch efforts in saving the world’s most threatened frogs from extinction, experts are bidding to find an alternative solution – by housing 500 individual frogs from each 500 species in a bio-secure facility – Amphibian Ark, rightly coined after the ‘Noah’s Ark.’

And to help make the project necessarily successful, public interest in the campaign is a must, especially, the zoos, botanical gardens, and aquariums that can play a vital role in the effort, by serving as breeding grounds for the endangered species.

With this in mind, they have declared 2008 “The Year of the Frog.”

The money from the campaign will be invested in training, capacity building, and setting up facilities for protecting the species.

Hope, this modern-day “Noah’s Ark” will prove an effective paradigm for several conservation projects.


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