Fish species becoming extinct, courtesy [of] foreign trawlers

The News

At least 25 commercial fish species have either become extinct or have declined in the 1050-kilometre long Pakistan coast due to excessive fishing, fishermen contend.

The government has issued licenses to 50 medium-sized foreign trawlers but there are 150 factory ships operating in the Pakistani sea territory, destroying fish species and causing marine pollution, said Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) Chairman Mohammad Ali Shah while speaking at a seminar on “World Trade Organisation (WTO) Policies and its impacts on fisheries”, organised by the PFF at Ibrahim Hydri on Wednesday. “Whenever we visit Korangi Fish Harbour around 50 medium-sized factory trawlers are seen bobbing their heads at the harbour,” Shah said. These trawlers, carrying huge fishing nets, harvest the Pakistani coastal territory and catch hundreds of tons of fish in a single trip, he said.

Speakers also criticised the decision of EU, which has clamped a ban on the export of fish from the Karachi Fish Harbour.



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11 responses to “Fish species becoming extinct, courtesy [of] foreign trawlers

  1. It’s Too Bad and also a shame

  2. sweetypop sunshine

    radical dudes

  3. olivia

    like woah dude thats terrible

  4. WHat are some of the speicies dead or bewcoming extinct in england?

  5. judy

    what the dont get hahaha i dont wont fish extict lol save the fish 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    ermmmmmmm weird didn’t get a think of that!

  7. Anonymous

    im doing a geography eaasay on fish????? :/ have to find information on fish and everything soooooooo but thats pretty sad what will happen if we run outta fish!!!!!!!

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