Workers find innards of endangered moose

 Chronicle Herald Nova Scotia

TRURO — Woods workers found the discarded innards of an endangered mainland moose near Debert on the weekend, prompting a provincewide hunt for its poachers.

Chris Ball, regional enforcement co-ordinator for the Department of Natural Resources in central Nova Scotia, says the moose had already been field-dressed and was gone when workers discovered the remains, he believes on Saturday.

They reported it to the department, prompting an investigation and an appeal for public assistance.

“We’re looking for any information we can get,” Mr. Ball said Thursday, adding there are roughly 1,000 mainland moose left in the province, and more than half are in the Cobequid Hills area where the remains were found.

The mainland moose was killed in the Farm Lake area north of Debert, Colchester County.

“Usually, and in this case, it’s in an area far from houses so there’s no one directly near the area,” Mr. Ball said. Nevertheless, he’s hoping someone saw a suspicious truck or all-terrain vehicle and will report it.

According to the Natural Resources Department, the mainland moose was listed as endangered under the Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act in October 2003.

Anyone convicted of killing one faces a fine of $7,500, a 20-year hunting suspension and confiscation of hunting equipment related to the offence.

A department spokesman said in a news release officers are working hard to enhance the population and distribution of the moose, but the task becomes increasingly difficult when poachers continue to take the lives of these rare animals.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-565-2224.

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