Bum-breathing Turtle, Irwin’s Discovery, Endangered

Short News

Elseya irwini, a bum breathing turtle that was discovered by the late Steve Irwin and named after his father Bob and himself might be nearing the endangered status. Bob Irwin hooked the turtle on a fishing line on a family camp in 1990.

Photos were taken and given to a turtle expert. A new species was confirmed after Steve Irwin’s Death. This turtle only lives in the Broken-Bowen River system.

Dr Ivan Lawler stated, “My best guess is there are only 4,000 to 5,000 in the wild.” Research suggests that the population is a ‘female-biased’ population. Males and juveniles are lacking in this population, researchers don’t know why.



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2 responses to “Bum-breathing Turtle, Irwin’s Discovery, Endangered

  1. Pamela Mathena

    I think you are mistaken that the ELSEYA IRWINI was named for the Irwin’s after Steve’s untimely death. I have seen a video of the late
    Steve Irwin speaking of his namesake, the ELSEYA IRWINI. If i run
    across it again, I will try to send you a line telling you where to find it.
    Other than that, your article was informative.

  2. Wow loved reading your blogpost. I submitted your feed to my google reader.

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