Help Save Moreton Bay loggerhead turtles from extinction

Save moreton bay

Please take immediate action to Save Queensland’s endangered loggerhead turtles from imminent extinction. We have a chance to save them, but time is running out. Our loggerhead turtles need your urgent help.

Loggerhead turtles are so endangered that they are facing local extinction in Queensland.

Moreton Bay Marine Park, in south east Queensland, is one of the most important feeding areas for loggerhead turtles along the east coast of Australia. But climate change, a booming population and too much fishing pressure are placing huge strain on these ancient mariners.

The Queensland Government is making decisions which effect the future of loggerhead turtles THIS WEEK.

Currently less than 1% of Moreton Bay is safe in highly protected areas, or ‘green zones’ which help protect loggerhead turtles and other marine life from human impacts. Scientists say that 30% or more protection is needed in places like Moreton Bay.

Some Queensland politicians are not yet convinced.


Please be sure add your name and to include your comments about how important turtles and other marine life are to you as it will give your email more weight. Please also forward this action alert on to your friends and ask them to do the same.

These politicians need to hear from you urgently. They have only heard protests from the anti-conservation lobby and are not yet convinced that turtles are important.

When you click the link you will be able to send an email to
The Hon. Anna Bligh, Premier of Queensland
The Hon. Andrew MacNamara, Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation
The Hon. Andrew Fraser, Treasurer of Queensland
The Hon. Desley Boyle, Mininster for Tourism, Regional Development and Industry
The Hon. Robert Schwarten, Minister for Public Works, Housing and Information and Communication Technology
The Hon. Julie Maree, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer
The Hon. Chris Bombolas, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Sport
The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk, Member for Inala
The Hon. Ronan Lee, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Main Roads and Local Government
The Hon. Wayne Wendt, Member for Ipswich


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