Five Rare Critically Endangered Species Of Asiatic Lions Found Dead In India

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New Delhi, India (AHN) – Five rare Asiatic lions were found electrocuted Friday at India’s Gir National Park in western Gujarat state, the Wildlife Protection Society of India reports.

The recent death of lions was caused by an electrified fence that was put up illegally by a farmer to protect crops near the sanctuary. A total of 32 rare lions have died at a national park this year.

Belinda Wright, the society’s executive director told the AFP, “The Asiatic lion is one of the most critically endangered species on this planet and this added twist of so many lions being killed by electrocution… is a catastrophe.”

“Preliminary information suggests that the three lionesses and two cubs were electrocuted by a crop protection fence put up by a farmer near Dhari, Amreli district, in an area adjoining Gir National Park,” she said in a statement.

Eight lions killed by poaching, six electrocuted, five fallen into wells, one hit by a vehicle and 12 others found dead, the society said.

Police had arrested the farmer responsible for recent death. If convicted in building an unauthorized fence that killed animals, the farmer faces seven years in prison.

Asiatic lions were once common in many parts of Asia, but only about 350 are known to remain, all in Gujarat state of India.

Their bones and claws are highly prized in India for use in traditional Chinese medicine and amulets respectively.

The 560-square-mile sanctuary is the world’s only natural habitat for the lions. The Society is currently working closely with the enforcement authorities to curb the killing of lions by professional poachers.




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36 responses to “Five Rare Critically Endangered Species Of Asiatic Lions Found Dead In India

  1. Sonya

    Poor lions! I’m glad they arrested that guy 😡 what lions destroys crops? hello?

  2. Anonymous

    that is mean wat that person did how could he )=(

  3. I feel bad for the lions so much im doing a slide show to the students and teacher in my class to show what is happening to these pool species which i have to do somthing about it.

  4. lions are the most critical endangered animals in the worlds so who ever gets this message do somthing about it please because i dont want lion to die every day thats just like a human dieing everyday so sopport these lions and help them out.

  5. hi lions should be in zoo’s rather than the wild because lions would be better off safe in zoo’s than tortured in the wild (my opinion).

  6. kimberly

    lions have done nothing wriong an dhumans hoo kill dem r meanies. i hope the loions eat them . i am doing a school project on these lions nd this website has been a great help thnx

  7. elliot

    hi my name is elliot black. i am a lion . im dead

  8. sony

    hi iam sad abou these poor lions

  9. who knows xx

    oh shame lions

  10. who knows xx

    hi this is bryonie helloo i am in skool at the mo i love lions

  11. why do we need lion ?? wh0 kills everything :S

    • this question is not at all relevant i think u r very very young or u have not studied about lyfcycle these loins n tigers kill herbivores who all d time eat grass and plant which are basic need for r existence

  12. James S. Klich II

    We all need to conserve and protect wildlife on a global scale. Maybe they should build a lion proof fence for free. This would keep the farmer happy and keep wildlife safe.

  13. Anonymous

    this site is all shit….

  14. mausam

    Electrocuted…… come on god damn go and educate that farmer that what he has done…poor chap might not be knowing about the imprisonment….illeteracy sucks

  15. Pingback: This

  16. Nikita soni

    Do not kill lions.So what if they are terrific, they maintain the biodiversity.Don,t let them be endangered.

  17. Sandra Dalene VanAlstine – Wanted to introduce myself

    Sandra Dalene VanAlstine

  18. Anonymous

    i really don’t like lions but i have a project you know that i need these lions information so … naturally i hate them i never saw them really standing in front of me

  19. meghna lijo

    i really love animals and like such websites that provide information and pictures of these lovely ones. animal planet is my favourite channel in television

  20. RIYA


  21. Who could do such a thing to these poor little guys

  22. love everything because they maintain our biodivesity

  23. Amrita

    I feel really sad for those lions cuz the are a part of India’s vast biodiversity.

  24. ammu

    its very use full to everyone that they know about these poor endangered animals

  25. we r so unlucky that these animals r being killed by them whom they think that they r frnd of them

  26. Nikhil

    I feel so sad after reading this.

  27. Vidhi Lodha

    i hate people who kill animals..

  28. anshula

    i am feeling bad for lions are daying day by day. we should save them

  29. kiran gupta

    I am really very very sorry after readig this ,pls tell me what we can do to check this.

  30. save lions, a very rare animal,please conserve them don’t kill.

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