Endangered turtle rears its ugly hairdo in protest to dam

 Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Janel Shorthouse

The endangered Mary River Turtle. (Click for larger image.)Amateur photographer Chris Van Wyk couldn’t believe his luck when he captured the Mary River Turtle on film while it was quietly wading in the Mary River near Kenilworth.

The turtle has become popular in recent times because environmentalists say the already endangered turtle is being further threatened by the State Government’s announcement to build a dam on the Mary River.

The Government says the Traveston Dam will improve the water supply for the rest of south-east Queensland including Brisbane and the Gold Coast. But parties opposing the dam say wildlife could be drastically affected and dams are expensive and unreliable.

Chris says after hearing a lot about the animals that could be affected he wanted to see them with his own eyes. “I went exploring and I not only came across the turtle but I also spotted the endangered Mary River Cod and Lungfish too.”

“I’m concerned about the whole area and I don’t want these animals affected by a dam. We should look after them. They’re the only ones like them in the world.”

He says the Mary River turtle is at greatest risk. “It’s the most unusual species in the world because it breathes through lung-like structures in their tail and they need shallow water to survive.”

If you’re wondering… That green mohawk hairdo is just algae growing on the turtles’ head.

“Yeah, friends refer to it as my punk turtle!”

“I just like taking photos as a recreation, I didn’t set out to make a political statement but I do think the Government should think carefully about what they’re doing up there.”


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10 responses to “Endangered turtle rears its ugly hairdo in protest to dam

  1. Anonymous


  2. Hannah

    That is the cutest reptile I have ever seen, but how could a turtle breath through its tail?

  3. Anonymous

    wat is this all about

  4. unknown

    thats a cuite turtle and not to be mean just telling you ava you spell it know not know

  5. dylan stover

    how can i help

  6. Anonymous

    That turtle is kinda cute

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