Report warns of Asian fish extinction

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Thu 08 November 2007 16:00 UK — Asia,Marine Wildlife

Picture for article A number of species of marine creatures could become extinct in the seas of south-east Asia in the near future as a result over-fishing, a new report has warned.

Meryl Williams produced a report on the issue for the Australian Lowy Institute.

She found that Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines have recently expanded their fishing operations significantly and the increased activity is putting extreme pressure on stocks.

Ms Williams explained to Reuters: “As the fourth largest country in world fish production, Indonesia is a fisheries giant. Yet … Indonesian marine fisheries resources are close to fully exploited and a significant number in all areas are over-exploited.

In addition, Ms Williams said that more needed to be done to tackle problems with illegal fishing operations.

Recently, a report from the World Conservation Union (IUCN) suggested that a third of freshwater fish in Europe are at serious risk of becoming extinct.


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