Macedonia set to protect endangered vultures

Skopje. Macedonia will protect the critically endangered vultures through assistance of a Spanish organization, Macedonian Makfax writes on Monday.
Macedonian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in co-operation with the Macedonian Environmentalist Association and a Spanish Foundation today will promote the project “Strengthening the National Capacity for the Protection of Vultures in Macedonia”. The promotion ceremony will take place in Kavadarci.
The project is funded by the European Commission – Consortium of NGOs. The Kavadarci-based Wild Flora and Fauna Fund will take part in the realization of the project.
Of the four species of vultures that used to net in Macedonia, the bearded and the black vultures have already extinct and the remaining two species are the white-headed and the Egyptian, both species facing extinction.
The white-head eagle lives in Demir Kapija area, the Crna Reka canyon near Tikves Lake, the Osogovo Mountain, Matka Lake and in Mariovo.

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