Endangered orang-utan baby born at Perth Zoo

Perth Now

PERTH Zoo has announced the birth of one of the world’s most critically endangered animals – a Sumatran Orang-utan.

Today’s public debut of the male infant coincides with the 12-month anniversary of the Zoo’s historic release of one of its female orang-utans into a protected national park in Indonesia as part of an orang-utan re-introduction program.

Temara – the first captive bred orang-utan in the world to be released into the wild – is thriving in her new home and continues to be closely monitored and tracked daily.

Perth Zoo’s Curator of Exotics, Leif Cocks, said the Zoo’s newest addition, young Nyaru, was born on October 20 to 14-year-old first time mother Negara. Nyaru weighed just under 2kg at birth.

“We gave Nyaru and his mother some private time together before introducing him to the public,” Mr Cocks said.

“He is doing very well and Negara is proving to be a wonderful mother. She is very protective and caring.”

Perth Zoo is a world leader in breeding Sumatran Orang-utans and is part of a regional breeding program for this most threatened species.

“Orang-utans are facing imminent extinction in the wild due to poaching and habitat loss, in particular, land clearing for palm oil plantations,” Mr Cocks said. “There are only 7300 Sumatran Orang-utans left in the wild.

“With the success so far of the reintroduction of the first zoo-born orang-utan to the wild, successful breeding programs like that at Perth Zoo may assist with the re-establishment of extinct populations of Sumatran Orang-utans in protected areas.”

Fifteen-year-old Perth Zoo-born Temara was released into the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park in Sumatra in November 2006 as part of an international effort to re-establish a population of this critically endangered species in the national park. The park is protected by specially trained anti-logging and anti-poaching patrols.

“The release of Temara provides the opportunity to increase the numbers and genetic diversity of the orang-utan population in Bukit Tigapuluh,” Mr Cocks said.

The community can support Sumatran Orang-utan conservation by donating to Perth Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Action to help build an open orang-utan breeding sanctuary in Sumatra.

• Nyaru will start eating some solids, such as tropical fruit, at about five months of age but will continue to suckle for the next five to six years.

• The father of Nyaru is Perth Zoo’s breeding male 20-year-old Dinar, who arrived from Canada in 2004, bringing with him a valuable new genetic line.

• Nyaru is named after an orang-utan rehabilitation centre in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Nyaru is also a Dyak word meaning ‘very strong’. The Dyak people are the original inhabitants of Kalimantan.

• Since 1970, 26 orang-utans have been born at Perth Zoo. The last birth (a male named Semeru) was in 2005.

• The Zoo’s colony currently comprises eight females and four males.

• Perth Zoo is part of an Australasian captive breeding program for the critically endangered Sumatran Orang-utan.

• Sumatran Orang-utans are the slowest reproducing species in the world. Adult females only give birth to an infant every nine years. The gestation period of orang-utans is 260 days (or 8.5 months) – almost identical to that of humans. The oestrous cycle of orang-utans is 30 days – once again, almost identical to humans.

• Females usually have their first offspring between 12-16 years of age.

• One of our closest biological relatives, orang-utans have around 97% human genetic make-up and have an intelligence level equivalent to that of a five or six-year-old child.

• Orang-utan means person of the forest in Indonesian.


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11 responses to “Endangered orang-utan baby born at Perth Zoo

  1. Well this is a blessing indeed a new orangutan! This gives hope to the red apes but I wonder why so much is poured into the save the orangutans from outside the country? If the govt of these two nations would step up we would’nt bear the burden and the blame. Those orangutan rescue centers, are great but again dependance on humans is again fostered, a mistake because they are raised by humans they won’t be fully true to their solitary nature. I do (my opinion only) believe that galdakis and her ilk have brought ruin to the apes of this world. No matter how hard you try you cannot humanize an animal, this is what the crux of the anti ape writings being written as we speak. I think people are fed up with the endless “end of apekind” carefully crafted scenarios.thaT BEG MONEY FOR THE POOR APES AWWWWWWW…………..! Well people matter too you phony treehuggers. You sit in oilheated homes wearing designer rags living high on the hog too easy to condem an afrcan farmer trying to get a few dollars to feed family or a logger in borneo, will you stop the ape slaughter be sending the famer or logger monet so they can feed familuy properly,no? Hypocrite.

  2. Dave On Fire

    Actually, I and most of the contributors to this blog, take a very clear stand on the pressures that drive logging and clearing. The world is stacked against these people. Catering for the luxury foods – and now, through biofuels, the cars – of the rich distorts the land and food market, and forces people to clear forest to survive.

    The priorities of our society are set by business elites and neoliberal governments, and no-one here is callous enough to blame the people at the bottom of that system for doing what they have to to operate within the system. We all do it – I, for one, buy sweatshop-made clothes and unsustainably-farmed food, work in an amoral enterprise to make rich people even richer, and pay taxes towards a war of pure evil – because that’s how the system works. We’re more about changing the system than having a go at people who live within it.

    As for captive-bred vs wild apes… meh. Sure, it would be nice if there were robust, wild populations, but there aren’t, and if breeding in captivity is necessary to preserve the species then so be it.

    Please note, we haven’t asked for any money, for ourselves or on behalf of the “poor apes” and their benefactors. Exit Stage Right is an attempt to keep track of the massive wave of extinctions through which we are currently living, and related news. Now, I personally find it extremely sad when a species ceases to exist, but there’s a practical aspect to this too. Mass extinctions reduce biodiversity, and make whole ecosystems much more vulnerable… and when their ecosystems collapse it is gonna be the African farmer and Borneo logger that suffer more than the rich.

    There are plenty of hypocritical phoney-hippies out there, but we’re not them and I hope that you can see that.

  3. I am an anti save the apes person, yet I cannot see any benefit in the wholesale slaughter of apes or any animal(careful……I live two blocks away from an abbatior a slaughter house where cattle are “processed), but this movement to humanize apes? I am not willing to kowtow to pressure from a few to allow apes to enjoy the same rights I do! I find that to be insulting! What my arguement is why are we so innundated by media images of orphaned apes? Whats with the govt. Is corruptiuon that rife? I am Impressed by dave on fires comments he makes a good case for saving the little bastards, I got to say You almost swayed me dave…………. Well I am not too crazy about the methods used, by these save the ape centers they continue to humanize apes there by making them dependant, how will they survive in the wild? I just don”t know….

  4. Trish

    What do the people who believe God… Jesus are the reason humans exist. To me, my belief is in evolution. How can a person/people who preaches the Bible explain such a high percentage genetic make up as to humans?

  5. When “Saint jane goodall” states that chimps and apes are just like us I want to scream! I love the criteria one blogger laid out to qualify as human, thats apes do not have one whit of, do apes have a written language, do apes communicate clearly so as to be understood by us, have apes built any permanent structures. do apes have morals(as defined by human conciousness of right and wrong), have apes displayed any organisational skills(except for hunting colobus monkeys which other animals hunt in packs too). Not one of these have been met to qualify apes as remotely human they are animals!!!! So please stop presenting these animals as “human” to garner sympathy for their plight. I get so incensed at this blatant propoganda, The validity of the Self annointed research of Goodall has been questioned from the beginning, but these voices were drowned out when she became a media star. She altered the chimpanzees of Gombe when she intrusively pushed herself into the chimp group. She was feeding the animals on a regular schedule which altered their behavior(aggression increased),creating dependance on humans(another corruption because apes normally avoid humans loke the plague), then began the pattern of giving apes medicine extending their lives again altering nature. Her work is based on corrupt data but to this day all the other self annointed primatologists are following her template. This stuns me, You people are truly incredible you attribute human characteristics to apes just like Goodall erroneously began naming the animals , diapering the infants humanizing them just like a pet owner does! Yet when one of her proteges Frodo a full grown male with a history of violence towards other chimps and especially humans,and nothing was done about this dangerous animal! Nothing! And finally when this aggresive chimp escaped from Goodalls sanctuary and attacked a woman and snatched her infant and ran off with it, he was found later after he killed and partially ate the baby! But because it was Saint Jane Goodalls center there were no reprecussions. The murderous ape was not even euthanized, and Goodall herself was not held accountable, why? Because whatever she says is considered to be the last word, and she and her apes are considered untouchable! This was documented by National Geographic on Hunter Hunted,another case of another goodall sponsored center where the chimpanzees got loose led by a male Bolo who attacked and maimed one tourist on a public road and the group of “Rehabilitated” chimps tore another man to pieces on the same road! These chimps attacked a car of tourists and maimed and killed humans but again no consequeces of any kind for the filthy dangerous animals or Goodall herself!!! What really enraged me was a “so called primatologist” was smirking as she described how the humans had no chance against the chimps. This filthy pig was smirking?!!!!!!! Yeah it is people like that that make me want to write the respective governments concerned to encourage them to shut down these ape centers, hunt down Frodo and shoot him to death,and hunt down the chimps who attacked and killed the tourist as well as maiming the other man for life!!! And to bar Goodall from ever entering Africa ever again In fact put her to work in a zoo she would continue the same work on a smaller scale. It was funny at a world conference Jane Goodall had a mental meltdown I wish I had kept the video tape it was hilarious! She was not called to speak first and she lost it accusing another ape saver Birute Galdakis of stealing her work and she was theONLY ONE WHO WAS QUALIFIED TO TALK ABOUT APES SHE WAS THE FIRST IN HER FIELD!!!! Man I laughed at that! Oh and do check out the satire about oh I have to tell you……………..Jane Goodall is made to marry Frodo the Chimpanzee due to her insistence and hard work to work to declare apes as human,this will be her reward for championing the chimps! Any ways the big day the wedding Frodo was scratching himself absently ,and dear jane just a fluttering and the reception(which we slipped three viagras into frodos banana(what a mistake that was!) and then the nupitals. Well the viagra kicked in and holy crapola! Frodo began by throwing jane around the room (Didn”t observe that mating ritual eh Jane?) and jumping up and down on her and finally he boinks her simultaneously pounding inher and boinking her for hours. Well the next morning an ambulance took jane away,and she ended up with multiple contusions broken ribs cracked skull and vey pregnant,well three months later tada out pops a hairy chittering something and jumps on the doctors head, well they get it down and send the two home mother and baby….something. Well the next morning we hear jane screaming blue murder, we thought it was a morning quikie for Frodo,but nope Old homicidal Frodo grabbed the baby and once again ran off! Frod was found once again after he killed the…somethingand was Promptly arrested. Well the trial was huge! The so called Primatologists were falling out of the trees to defend the chimp saying he is only following his instincts as a chimpanzee being territorial! The prosecutor pounced on this demanding to know why the defense fell back on the animals instinct when according to Goodall He is just like us, human. The judge did convict frodo and he was immediatly executed and his head was preserved as a warning to the ape apologists animals are only animals sorry no human qualities no matter how hard the apehuggers try to portray the apes they are animals. I laughed myself silly at reading this story(the original was longer and much funnier!) and I believe that there is hope out there. Hope that not all of us agree that apes are”just like us” Thank God for someone with a sharp wit!

  6. Jan eGoodalls work has been discredited for decades by other primatologists,antropologists for decades. Look up her critics and you will get a different picture. She has basically distorted all of the chimpanzees she has come into contact with.

  7. To evylyn grey you blow my mind. Sorry about the year gap in replying to your utter rediculos and sad post. Just a couple things I would like to inform you of. First of all yes apes are animals but so are we …..HELLO ! Homosapian – Ever heard of that animal you who should be slapped upside the head? Yes dear Jane has not lived a life without making some misstakes trying to care for what she loves. This woman has gave her life to a species similar to our own who yes NEEDED HER. If she had done nothing and was never born lets hypotheticly say that the Chimpanzees of Gombe would be nothing more than a memory. When are people like you who think we are not an animal as well realize ? We have to start stepping in and helping our fellow animals which yes sure is going to alter some natural behaviors,but Evy what choice do we have? Hell kill Frodo kill everything Evy. What a bad world this would be filled with thousnds of Janes wouldn’t it? Um no Evy, but it sure as hell would be filled with thousands of Evy’s !

  8. Yes i spelled homosapien wrong evy we make misstakes us homosapiens. One of the biggest of all is we think we are better than every wonderful creature we share our earth with. Newsflash ! We are not better just a tad bit more destructive and on a path we cannot survive. You are the perfect example of one reasen why. That reasen is we as an animal species will not learn that since we are the most inteligent sentient being on this planet we have a duty to protect and care for all our fellow life forms. If and it does mean that if we have to step in and alter some species behaviors in their natural habitats to save them – then evy SO BE IT.

  9. Oh ya Bill you can jam it in your A S S to lol

  10. Sorry there I go again bill Not Bill. Probably short for billbo. Take care ev and mr gargle my baggins lol

  11. britney

    well i luv tham and i would kill mii self to save 1 !!! :’)

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