Cypress man sentenced for smuggling endangered fish

 OC Register – Ryan Hamill

LOS ANGELES – A Cypress man was sentenced Tuesday to a year and a day in federal prison for trafficking of endangered fish – Asian Arowanas – after previously pleading guilty to related conspiracy charges.

Bruce Penny, 37, acknowledged selling several of the rare fish – along with two other men in a two-year long operation – in a hearing earlier this year, according to a statement from United States Attorney officials.

The other two men – Anthony Robles of Downey and Peter Wu of Roland Heights – were each sentenced to three years of probation for their involvement in the trafficking of the fish.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service investigated the three men for violations of the Endangered Species Act, leading to their pleas and sentences, according to reports.

The Asian Arowana, commonly known as the “dragonfish” or “luckfish,” is an endangered freshwater fish native to the river deltas of Southeast Asia, officials said. The species is sought after for aquarium display by collectors, often fetching thousands of dollars per fish in black market sales.

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