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Endangered bat colony attacked ‘for a laugh’ in the US

Wildlife authorities are investigating the deaths of more than 100 endangered Indiana bats at Carter Caves State Resort Park.
 Wildlife Extra

Vandals entered a cave at the park and threw rocks at a hibernating colony of Indiana bats on two different occasions in late October. Some bats were crushed, while others died after being knocked into a stream.

Indiana bats first received protection under the Endangered Species Act in 1966. Until recently, their numbers have decreased steadily. The caves at Carter Caves State Resort Park harbor the largest hibernating population of Indiana bats in Kentucky


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State Officials Decide Whether to Fine Hunter Who Mistakenly Killed Endangered Wolf


PINE ISLAND, Wis. (AP) — State officials are considering whether to fine a hunter who claims he shot a protected gray wolf because he thought it was a coyote.

Sauk County Warden Mike Green said Friday he completed his investigation and passed on his report to his supervisors. He didn’t reveal the hunter’s name or say whether he recommended a possible penalty.

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‘);But he notes the hunter turned himself in, and says he’s always reluctant to cite anyone who does so.

A person found guilty of killing a protected species such as a gray wolf could be fined anywhere between $300 and $2,100. Coyotes are not protected from hunters.

It was the second such killing in a month. A hunter in Iowa County shot a wolf in mid-October.

Wardens are urging deer hunters to exercise care before shooting a coyote to make sure it’s not a wolf.

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