State Officials Decide Whether to Fine Hunter Who Mistakenly Killed Endangered Wolf


PINE ISLAND, Wis. (AP) — State officials are considering whether to fine a hunter who claims he shot a protected gray wolf because he thought it was a coyote.

Sauk County Warden Mike Green said Friday he completed his investigation and passed on his report to his supervisors. He didn’t reveal the hunter’s name or say whether he recommended a possible penalty.

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‘);But he notes the hunter turned himself in, and says he’s always reluctant to cite anyone who does so.

A person found guilty of killing a protected species such as a gray wolf could be fined anywhere between $300 and $2,100. Coyotes are not protected from hunters.

It was the second such killing in a month. A hunter in Iowa County shot a wolf in mid-October.

Wardens are urging deer hunters to exercise care before shooting a coyote to make sure it’s not a wolf.


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