Warning that bluefin tuna ‘face extinction’


BLUEFIN tuna are being pushed to the brink of extinction in the Mediterranean by far too many fishing vessels pursuing the remaining fish stocks, a report warned yesterday.
A study for conservation charity WWF says there needs to be an urgent reduction of the fleet, which has almost twice the fishing capacity of current quotas set for the increasingly threatened fish.

The yearly catch potential of hi-tech vessels is three and a half times the recommended level, the report says.

According to the conservationists, the “unsustainable” situation is largely the result of massive overfishing of the Mediterranean by what is known as “purse seine” fishing, in which nets are set around the shoal and then closed like a drawstring purse.

This method is fuelled by the increase in tuna farms, which take the catch and fatten the fish in cages for six months.


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3 responses to “Warning that bluefin tuna ‘face extinction’

  1. Steve Bonin

    So very sad. All this short term greed. The cost – no more bluefin tuna forever – is too staggering to contemplate.

  2. richard ruais

    Well, I guess a partial correct message is better then none. “Conservation charity WWF” oh please!!!! They are a money making green machine if there ever was one. But they are on target here that purse seine fleets are decimating the Mediterranean spawning stock and there is no end in sight.

  3. Hopefully this trend does not spread to any other place and/or types of fish, it would be devastating if other people got ideas.

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