Nature Conservancy of Canada to protect rare and endangered species habitat


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) announced today it will protect 19 acres of rare and endangered species habitat on Sandy Point Island, St. George’s Bay.
This makes a total of 54 acres of land in the area being protected by the NCC. The NCC says the area is quickly being reclaimed by nature. The sand dunes and salt marshes in the area are uncommon to the province.
The area is being protected as part of NCC’s seventh annual “Gifts to Canadians” celebrations. The conversancy is presenting 10 “gifts” across the country, providing habitat for rare or endangered species. NCC develops stewardship plans for the land to ensure the site’s natural integrity is maintained and protected.
On hand for the announcement at Memorial University’s Botanical Gardens were Lt.-Gov. John Crosbie and provincial Conservation and Resources Minister Charlene Johnson.


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