Vandals hurt endangered frog wetland


Vandals have damaged a sensitive wetland on the New South Wales far south coast that is home to one of Australia’s most endangered frogs.

National Parks and Wildlife Service rangers found the previously pristine area in Ben Boyd National Park, near Eden, churned up by four-wheel drive vehicles.

The wetland is home to the green and golden bell frog.

Ranger George Malolakis describes the damage as “malicious”.

“We’ve had some four-wheel drives come into an area of national park where we’ve got some very important wetlands and they’ve just vandalised it,” he said.

“They’ve driven in and churned up the whole area of wetland, they’ve done donuts, they’ve driven along the edge, damaged vegetation, the area’s green and golden bell frog habitat. It’s also an area which is a unique wetland which is only found in that part of our region.”


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One response to “Vandals hurt endangered frog wetland

  1. Freddo

    what bloody idiots! people make me angry 😦

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