Indonesia finds huge haul of endangered pangolins


Indonesian police have found 14 tonnes of frozen pangolins in the largest ever seizure of the endangered animals, the Wildlife Conservation Society and TRAFFIC said in a statement on Tuesday (local time).

Indonesian Police Commissioner Didid Widjanardi said 14 people were arrested after a raid in Sumatra, where the animals were found stored in containers in a warehouse.

“The pangolins were packed and ready for export to China via seaports in Sumatra and Java,” he said.

The solitary and nocturnal ant eater is found only in Asia and Africa.

Its meat is considered a delicacy for some, its scaly skin can be made into handbags and shoes, and its scales and blood are used in Chinese medicine to treat allergies and sexually transmitted disease.


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One response to “Indonesia finds huge haul of endangered pangolins

  1. drcorner

    How about a new species, and it’s already endangered (as it’s cousin)? It’s survived Millions of years, can it survive the next 10? They’ve already put bans in place to help it recover, but it’s slow growth rate may deter that as it teeters on critical to extinction classification (it’s cousin is in more trouble).

    Please check out the article below, and comment on what your thoughts are. Thanks.

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