National parks boost fails to dampen extinction fears


The World Commission on Protected Areas says increasing the size of national parks in Queensland will not be enough to save the state’s biodiversity.

Spokeswoman Penny Figgis says more than 1,500 species of plants and animals are at risk of extinction across Australia, while more than 100 are considered extinct.

She says all Queenslanders must do more to prevent this.

“I’ve got grave fears for Australia’s flora and fauna, for the world’s flora and fauna,” she said.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that compared with historical extinctions we’re facing … an absolutely unprecedented potential extinction.”

She says the impact of humans has been devastating, and it is the responsibility of all Queenslanders to protect the environment.

“Nature was already in a lot of trouble from feral animals, weeds, inappropriate fire of course, clearing and urbanisation, but then we add the big whammy, we add the juggernaut of climate change,” she said.


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