Sharks and rays threatened with extinction


Over a quarter of sharks and rays located in the north-east Atlantic are threatened with extinction, according to a new report.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Spark Specialist Group (SSG) conducted the report and revealed that sharks, rays and chimaera species are more threatened in this area then they are globally.

Specifically, the study disclosed that seven per cent of species in the north-east Atlantic are classified as critically endangered; seven per cent as endangered; and 12 per cent as vulnerable.

Claudine Gibson, author of the report, explained that this is mostly as a result of overfishing.

She said: “From angel sharks to devil rays, north-east Atlantic populations of these vulnerable species are in serious trouble, more so than in many other parts of the world.”

Ms Gibson highlighted heavily fished, large sharks and rays, like “porbeagle and common skate” as at the greatest risk of extinction.

News brought to you by International Animal Rescue, leaders in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

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