Amazon deforestation caused extinction of 26 species

Xinhua via THE HINDU

Rio De Janeiro (Xinhua): The deforestation in the Amazon rainforest region has led to the extinction of 26 animal and plant species, a UN report said.

Another 644 species of animals and plants, including the red-faced spider monkey, the spectacled bear and the otter, were in danger of extinction, it said.

According to the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) report released on Wednesday, the region lost 17 percent of its forest, about 857,666 sq km, nearly equal to the territory of Venezuela, by 2005.

The deforestation in the region was still going on at an accelerated pace, it noted.

Internal and external factors led to the deforestation in each of the nine countries straddling the Amazon rainforest region, the report said.

Urbanisation, exploitation of natural resources and global warming adversely affected its ecological balance, UNEP said.

The report pointed out three key factors that will influence development of the region in the future: public policies, the market, and the development of new technologies.


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110 responses to “Amazon deforestation caused extinction of 26 species

  1. Sad..Animals are facing extinction..cuz to deforestation ..people should really forward and stop as we are having problem with global warming and also some beautiful species of plant and animal would not be seen by are kids in the future


  2. i think it is really sad that animals are dying because of stupid people that kill trees so much it ruins the enviorement . Those animals did not hurt anybody at least didnt mean to and they dont deserve to dye and be extinct by deforestation.I love animals they are so pretty and so are plants.Im worried about the future because it might not be as pretty as it is now.

    • seriously can’y you even spell!
      why bother entering anything here if you find it hard to spell these especially easy words. how old are you anyway? let me guess 6?
      Anyways, the reason people cut down trees is because they need it for paper, wood, clothes, farming, building and a lot of other things without cutting down trees we humans are in danger as well but i do agree but with you that it could be restricted. Also, think of both sides of the story.

      • excuse me but you can’t spell too. Think of both sides of the argument. And i won’t to give a shout out 2 my friends at M.R.I.S!!!!!!
        Most of u rock! Hahahahah and Yr 8s suck!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        nicole you a bitch

      • Ben

        i am doing my coursework on this topic and i can tell you right away, this arguement holds no weight. As you said we are cutting down trees for paper, wood etc… but what is wrong with recycling?

      • Anonymous

        your a very rude person!!..Deforestation is cruel people need to get a life and stop messing with the forest!..ya thanks!

      • Harper

        Unfortunately, Nicole, I recently came back from the Amazon, where the river is lined with saw mills by the hundreds, whose waste rate is about 50%. How can you justify demolishing one of the world’s largest carbon filters for imported Brazilian flooring? The reason people destroy this ecosystem is money, plain and simple. Without capitalist greed and exploitation, the forest would not be degraded at about 24 square miles per day. Resources that renew themselves more quickly are where we need to be heading, like hemp and bamboo.

      • Laila

        Um nicole, i’m pretty sure you spell can’t like this “can’t” not “can’y”

      • Caitlyn

        dude that is harsh
        i admit we do need these things but we could use other resources
        we need to stop taking advantage of what we have
        caitlyn age 15

      • Anonymous

        Does the fact someone can’t spell really affect the fact that should be allowed to convey they’re point. What a simple dim-witted approach to the world you have Nicole.

        And it’s a shame that some of these species we are losing are endemic and vital to the biodiversity of the rainforest. The world only has 11% of viable soil for agriculture and we need it, but the destruction of a vital and natural biodiverse oxygen producing super forest shouldn’t be the answer to the crisis we see ourselves facing. In my opinion 🙂

      • L

        How does spelling relate to anything in this matter Nicole? You really need to get a life instead of insulting people who struggle to spell. They’re just voicing their opinion.

      • Anonymous

        Fucking idiot if the world wasnt stupid the would grow marijuana bc its the strongest stem that grows the fastest fool…dimethyltryptamine loser

      • SMon

        well now we have mechanical pencil’s, computers, powerpoints, tablets, artificial and simulated materials that virtually eliminate any need to endanger or extinct any species and to threaten our air supply. Though i can see where you are coming from, those materials are things that soon will be very old fashioned notions.

      • cat

        No need to criticize; that is not the point of this article. Deforestation has caused so many extinctions, it makes me frustrated that governments allow this to happen.



      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Ay, fuck you buddy. You should no when to shut the hell up! If your dad cuts down trees for a living and doesn’t care what he’s doing, then he’s just a little faggot like you

      • Anonymous

        You don’t even care!

      • Casie

        Okay you must be some sort of idiot you say fuck plants but a tree is a plant and you need plants to BREATHE if you don’t breathe you don’t live. I think breathing is more important the paper or anything else that you would cut trees down for.

      • hi

        say that again when there are no more trees and animals. we will have no more food to eat and oxygen to breath. who will be blame for that… stupid idiotss like you .

    • anonymouse

      tis true and sad and we need to put an end to this

    • Anonymous

      These people aren’t dumb. We take down all these trees because we need lumber. Animals die from this. However, I do not agree with it. I think the world needs to find some other material to use, and leave the Amazon alone.

  3. B.

    Wow, the people above me can’t even spell, let alone understand this entire concept. No matter what us humans do, animals and plants will continue to become extinct.. And there are certain things in the world that we have no control over. Global warming has already done enough damage, it’s too late to save all of the deforestation that has occured. And how do you expect us to be able to build roads and houses, and how do you expect native people to survive without cutting down trees and plowing through these forests? Yes, it’s sad that animals are dying out, but you know what, all living organisms die at some point, and people are going to continue to tear through forests, no matter what laws may go into effect,and no matter how many species are put in danger.

    • Daniel

      B. so you are implying that we should all go kill ourselves? Life is something that should be taken care of. How many planets are out there that can sustain life? So far we only know 1: Earth. There are many other possible planets but there are about hmm lets see only 300 in this solar system out of billions of billions of planets that surround stars. At this rate of deforestation and impact to the environment, our planet will become Mars. Mars was once capable of supporting life but look at it now.

      Also about people not understanding the concept could also go towards you. *cough*DUH*cough*

    • zane

      B., it is not too late to save earth. If all deforestation was to cease at this moment, our planet would survive. And what do you mean about the natives? Natives are impacted negatively by deforestation and they would contribute to about 0.0000001 of a percent (or less) of deforestation rates.

    • 1337

      B. your mistaken. think of it this way, without animals what would we eat most people here would probably say plants but at the rate we are killing them, we could be reduced to cannibals on a barren planet by the end of 4 centuries, so unless we want that then we better change, WE DONT HAVE MUCH OF A CHOICE. plus if my two favorite animals go extinct i’ll put an end to it real fast.

    • Lady Death

      B., Your so right. Animals are going to die off. I am sure you know that humans will be at the top of that list, we are animals.

  4. Richard Hammond

    I am a strongly against the deforestation of the rainforest. As I will be speaking out on Top Gear. I am sure most have you have heard of it. With Jeremy Clarkson, myself and James May. May and I have joined the prince’s protection program. It would be great if all of you could to. May and I have also been donating regularly for the poor, poor bears in China. Please donate to any animal cause.


  5. James May

    Hi all.

    Has Hammond said, we would love you all to donate to the bears program. The latest Top Gear episode, Hammond, Clarkson and I head to China to see the bears, and of course it wouldn’t be Top Gear if we didn’t have a car involved – the 4 million pound Aston Martin is the car I will be driving. Hammond will be driving the ever loved Zonda and Clarkson, well you guess it- the Ford GT.


  6. jJogga


    I am definitely against rainforest deforestation.
    James and Richard, I watch Top Gear every night. I am a huge fan. That sounds great. Holy Moses. The New Aston Martin is SEX! The bears program is definitely something I will be donating to again. I have donated over 1,000 dollars to there. If you get the time to right back, i would love to hear more about the new bear program.


  7. i dont know about you guys but i say to hell with the need to open u eyes and worry about ur own health instead of the dumbass animals that cant feed theirself.

    • Kerry

      And when all these dumb ass animales and trees die, effectively killing off our ecosystem as we know it, then what are you in turn going to eat? Sand? Rocks? There would be plenty of that…

    • Rachelle

      It’s because of ignorant people like you Mr. Mandic that the human race is still very primitive and held back. The day that the extinction of ignorant people such as yourselves that the human race will finally be able to move forward in evolution. By the way thousands of years ago your other tribal members would have beat you to death for your stupidity. Sadly we now have internet which restricts man from clubbing the dead weight.
      I personally live in the amazon and see deforestation first hand. Indigenous races who depend on the amazon for natural medicines, clothes, and food are dying because of the lack of plants and animals due to forestation. You see since millions of trees are being cut down GLOBALLY there are issues. Since most of you are aware that trees breath carbon dioxide, which is what we exhale. Trees also exhale oxygen which I am sure you all know is what we breath. Now another thing is that trees take away all the carbon dioxide so that other organisms can breath. Once trees are removed the whole globe will lack oxygen. So trees effect you. If you want to continue to breath protect the trees. Don’t donate go and protest in front of the bulldozers. Get active in protecting YOUR air.

    • Katie

      You are a cold-hearted jerk, dushon mandic, and do you even realize that without these “dumbass” animals, or the rainforest for that matter, you probably wouldn’t have a lot of things that you do today? BTW you are an animal and many of those animals that you say cant feed themselves are VERY close to your own DNA, some even 95% identical. If you are going to disregard a very large and important part of our planet than- to hell with you. Why are even commenting here if your saying that the actual article is pointless?

    • the hell with you without the rainforest the worlds doomed!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lele

      You realise if animals die out so do we? You dumbass dushon mandic you need to learn about the life cycle >:o
      Heartless cow.

    • Random

      Well technically your a dumbass animal too. so don’t go saying other species of animals can’t feed themselves!!! All your food gets killed and havested for you and put in stores!!!! You don’t have to do ANYTHING to get your food, you inconsiderate jerk!!!

    • SMon

      well dipshit us worrying about deforstation is us worrying about our own health. And i hope you rot in hell because its people like you who cause the “dumbass animals” to not be able to feed themselves because, again, WE ARE CUTTING. DOWN. THE. RAINFOREST. THEREFORE. TAKING. AWAY. THEIR. FOOD. SUPPLY.

  8. amy

    it so sad that animals are becoming extinct because of defroestation.

  9. Liu Xin

    OMG!!!!!!! Wow… I hate deforestation. I mean, why do people have to do this??

  10. Jack Warr


    i love trees, i fuck trees

    so fuck off

  11. emma

    what species???

  12. love bug 5

    i hate deforestation. look how advanced we are already come up with a new idea. i doubt the egyptians or sumerians did this.

  13. Barbie

    deforestation is renewing our earth.

  14. bebe


  15. Terii

    get a life you guys and learn to spell ……immature

  16. school boy

    i am jjust a school boy doing a power point

  17. Anonymous

    I am trying to do homework so please can somebody give an answer. It is so annoying!

  18. anonymous

    deforestation is not “renewing the earth” its destoring it and makin more Carbon dioxide in it people need to stop it or atleast plant a tree for every tree that is cut down then it wouldnt be so bad for the earth

  19. Trying to Save Us

    First of all, I’m in middle school and can spell better than all of you. Second, I’m doing a project on this, and the whole topic is so sad! If humans weren’t greedy taking more than we need, than this issue would have never even happened! So many things are affected by this… animals, humans, plants, everything. All I have to say is, stop right now before we get ourselves into even more trouble with mother nature. Your “beautiful oak cabinets” and everything can go die in a hole. Isn’t the entire world’s safety and health more important to you than gettin new hardwood floors?

  20. ash-tray

    omg becky

  21. 4020

    mw3 is awesome

  22. Anonymous

    This isn’t a spelling test, the key issue that should be discussed here is deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest. Fighting over stupid things like that is why we aren’t getting anywhere.

  23. Janzelle

    – Okay…. i was doing a research paper, then i read all of these comments. Half of them made me want to punch someone while the others i could relate to. How can we just destroy so many trees, plants, rainforests, nature? Does no one realize that if we destroy the one thing that gives us oxygen, it is like we are trying to destroy ourselves? Think about it. We breathe air. We chop down the trees that give us air. We can’t breathe. T_T
    – Ugh, i wish people would realize that if we recyced more paper, cardoard, plastic, batteries, etc, we wouldn’t have to go deplete every living thing we see!
    – We are smart and evolved creatures, why can’t we figure out a way to save the planet and live happily at the same time?

  24. Hehe

    One time i laughed so hard i peed!

  25. Andrew

    My name is Andrew Lutz and im gay.

  26. hey janzelle wanna have sex

  27. i live at 500 st. in manchester,NY



  29. Schhol girl

    wow stop useing bad words besides once the rainforest is gone in time all humans will die:(

  30. No Cussing Allowed

    1.) This isn’t a chat room
    2.) Can we get back on topic

  31. No Cussing Allowed

    3.)Get a life Greg

  32. Anonymous

    Please, if people are going to argue then atleast let it be about the problem at hand which is deforestation and how it is affecting the wildlife; Not spelling or swearing or anything like that :\

  33. Mommy

    U R sooooo right The deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has led to the extinction of 26 animal and plant species. Another 644 species of animals and plants, including the red-faced spider monkey, the spectacled bear and the otter, were in danger of extinction.Internal and external factors led to the deforestation in each of the nine countries surrounding the Amazon rainforest.

  34. Anonymous

    Read the comments. People are so nice these days.

  35. Anonymous

    Ok i’m just doing report on Endangered/Extinct species in the Amazon, and i scroll down to read some helpful comments, but all I find is people arguing about who can spell what. I mean come on. I believe that many of us should care about tree’s and animals and plants, but let’s look on the realistic side: It doesn’t matter what we say here in this little comment area in a random website, but it will matter later when no one has any oxygen left to breath and no food left to eat. I chose this topic because it was an interesting one, and one that could be stopped, so why can’t we all just realize that if we really wanted to stop deforestation then maybe we should start reforestation.

  36. a person

    The human race depends on oxygen to survive and the only thing that we get oxygen from is from trees. Humans depend on trees to survive. At the rate that we are clearing trees, the planet will have no more in 100 years. When the planet doesn’t have any more trees, the human race will cease to exist. Humans need to be aware of how deforestation is affecting us and stop it.

    Either way the human race will eventually go extinct if we don’t restore the balance. Deforestation is just one of the many problems. Climate is also affecting this planet in many ways that are getting worse.The carbon dioxide that is released in the are due to the burning and cutting of tree is adding to climate change. The burning of fossil fuels is the main cause to climate change. Climate change will cause higher temperatures, stronger storms, and rising seas. Higher temperatures are causing more droughts, increase heat related diseases, and rising seas. If droughts are more common, they will diminish the food and water resources. Many plants and animals will not survive due to the decrease of food sources. Stronger storms will cause more damage to shelter. Storms will wreck homes of animals and humans. The rising seas will displace 100 million people. An increase in heat-related diseases will cause more deaths. In 2003, 20,000 people died in Europe due to a heat wave and scientists warn that there are more to come. Climate change will also harm wildlife. Animals will have to migrate due to rising temperatures. Experts predict that one fourth of the earth species will be headed towards extinction by 2050. Humans need to stop climate change in order to save this world from disaster.

    …don’t mind my grammar and spelling issues…

    by a 7th grader learning about this topic.

  37. anoymus

    I think that we should all care about the trees and animals and how we should help save the species and the amazon rainforest. Due to all the deforestation it has been hurting the trees and the animals habitats. in some places it has increased and decreased deforestation and as not much land to have any animals or plants alive because of the cattle farms and so on.

  38. Anonymous

    Hello, I would like to tell you all that you cannot spell. Also this is an interesting article. Yours sincerely, Anonymous member.

  39. Anonymous

    all of yall pussies stank

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