Persian Gulf sharks face extinction


Sharks in the Persian Gulf are in serious danger of extinction as fishermen in the area catch too many of them, an Iranian expert says.

According to Hamid Ali-Hosseini, fishermen in the area mostly try to catch sharks because they are more expensive than any other fish in the Persian Gulf.

“Fishermen used to catch sharks either by accident or for fun, but they have caught too many sharks for commercial trade in the past few years,” he added.

Ali-Hosseini further pointed out that sharks are the oldest marine animals in the world, which first appeared 400 million years ago.

“Many Persian Gulf species are on the verge of extinction and sharks are not an exception,” he added.

Australian researchers have found that antibodies extracted from shark blood may be effective in fighting certain types of cancer.

Scientists believe that the antibodies are biologically more stable and chemically more robust compared to conventional human antibodies and are therefore better suited for targeted oral therapy.


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