Buffaloes face extinction in far-west


DADELDHURA, May 18: Animal scientists have warned that buffaloes will be extinct in the far western hills within five years if the current trend of export of buffaloes to India was not immediately halted.

Animal scientists issued the alarm at a review meeting organized by Regional Animal Services Directorate in Dadeldhura.

Chief of Community Livestock Services Project Dr Rebatiman Shrestha said many buffaloes were being exported daily to a food company in Bareli of India after the company offered a higher price for the buffaloes.

Animal scientists said around 27,000 buffaloes were exported to India via several points in the far west within the past 1.5 years.

Chief of Dadeldhura Livestock Services Office Dr Pan Singh Thagunna said the price of buffalo has drastically gone up of late. He said a buffalo used to cost Rs 10-15 thousand until a few years ago, but the price has gone up to Rs 30-50 thousand in recent days.

He added that farmers have been selling their buffaloes for immediate benefit without thinking about the long-term impact it could have on the country.

Many agents are found roaming in every nook and cranny of the region bargaining for the price, buying the buffaloes from the farmers and taking them to India.
Thagunna said the food company in Bareli exports fresh and dry meat of buffaloes to the Gulf countries.

Due to the lack of buffaloes, Dadeldhura has already started feeling the heat of the shortage of milk and milk products. The district used to witness highest export of ghee to India in the past. However, the ghee export from Dadeldhura is nil nowadays.

Large number of buffaloes is being exported to India from other districts as well, raising the fears of animal scientists of an immediate extinction of the domestic animal.


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