Heavy Price Of Progress


.Driven extinct by hunters, the last Eastern Woodland Bison, which once roamed as far east as Cape Cod, was seen in West Virginia in 1825.

• Undulata delissea, a Hawaiian plant, was driven extinct in 1865 by domestic cattle.

• The Whiteline topminnow killifish was last seen in Alabama in 1899, its spring habitat repeatedly pumped dry by the growing human population.

• The Culebra parrot was hunted and collected to extinction in Puerto Rico by 1899.

• The Rocky Mountain grasshopper was purposefully driven extinct – a bounty was even placed on its head – by 1903.

• Merriam’s elk was hunted to extinction in Arizona in 1906.

• The Tennessee riffleshell clam disappeared in 1930 due to pollution and dams


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