Climate change causes extinction of 13 species of animal in Bangladesh


DHAKA, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) — Climate change and man-made adverse environment have so far caused extinction of 13 species of animal and endangered 800 other species in Bangladesh.

Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB), a national institution committed to conserving the biological diversity of Bangladesh, said the extinct animals are: peacock, crocodile, wolf, wild buffalo, nilgai and rhinoceros, national news agency BSS reported on Wednesday.

Chief Executive Officer of the WTB Anwarul Islam said half of the country’s 1,600 species are endangered.

Emphasizing the need for protection of biological diversity, he said political and social commitment are needed in this connection, otherwise 150 more species will be extinct gradually.

The endangered species include 50 species of fish, 41 species of mammal, eight species of amphibian and 58 species of reptile.

At present, the South Asian country has 708 species of fish, 22 species of amphibian, 126 species of reptile, 528 species of bird, 113 species of mammal and 3,006 species of algae.


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One response to “Climate change causes extinction of 13 species of animal in Bangladesh

  1. ian bragg

    after watching and listening to the comedy of copenhagen , humanity is doomed all life is doomed there will never be concensus how long do we have how long does all life have, a 2degree rise will certainly have impact but the biggest threat lies with population growth uncontrolled throughout the world ,we are an island floating in the vast sea of space everything that supports us comes from earth and people are prepared to destroy it for dollars there must be a sustainable limit we cannot continue to consume clear pollute breed till nothing exists on this planet but humans ,attitudes must change religious attitudes must change the earth gives you life the earth sustains you in reality it is your mother without the earth you are nothing you would not exist. wake up morons of this planet look at what you have ,what you are prepared to lose or like many others thinking only of themselves and what they can get in their short lives here on earth i see total extinction of life and it has started fights over fishing grounds shortages of food and water refugees cross border conflicts diseases without cures ww3 is closer than you think i feel extremely sad that i will have no future generation looking me up as ancestor as they trace their roots but the earth will survive without us and new species will again develop on earth but humans may never exist again

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