Ten US Species Feeling Global Warming’s Heat


According to National Geographic on-line, the already dangerously rare, Hawaii’s akikiki is one of ten already endangered U.S. species that are under added threat from global warming.

“Global warming is like a bulldozer shoving species, already on the brink of extinction, perilously closer to the edge of existence,” said Leda Huta, from the Endangered Species Coalition, an advocacy network based in Washington, D.C.

Akikiki © Janos Olah Jr., from the surfbirds galleries.

For the akikiki – listed as critically endangered by the international Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – the edge is closer than for most species, as it lives on only the island of Kauai. The bird was once common in the uplands, where it was largely left alone while many lowland forests became cane fields and golf courses.

But as global warming heats up mountain habitats – home to roughly 20 percent of all species, according to Duke University conservation ecologist Stuart Pimm – plants and animals will be forced upward into ever shrinking space until they run out of room.

“And the thing that worries me a great deal is that, from what I can see, global warming is going to kill off a different set of species than those killed off by habitat destruction. It’s going to be a group of species that up to now have done reasonably well at the hands of human intervention. ”



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2 responses to “Ten US Species Feeling Global Warming’s Heat

  1. Ron Armstrong

    National Geographic was at one time the premier magazine in the world. It has become nothing short of a left wing propaganda organ, with excellent photography, to mislead those who cannot read.

    Occasionally when I see an article that seems to be more about facts and geography I will look at it. Even those articles are now filled with propaganda.


  2. bee lover

    I live in Hawaii and I had no idea about this, I sure hope there is something I can do to help.

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