Berry Cave Salamander Faces Extinction, Victim of Parkway


WASHINGTON (CN) – The Berry Cave Salamander can be found in just five caves in eastern Tennessee where it may face extinction from the build-up of silt released by development, according to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 90 day finding on a petition to list the salamander under the Endangered Species Act.
According to the petition, filed by Dr. John Nolt of the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, the construction of an interchange for the James White Parkway directly above the main complex of caves where the salamander is found would further threaten the population by disrupting the salamander’s food chain.
The petition also argues that run-off of from existing developments, including irrigation from a local golf course, stirs up excessive amounts of silt in the stream system that feeds the caves where the salamander is found.
The agency now will begin a comprehensive status review of the Berry Cave salamander for which the agency requests scientific and commercial data. At the conclusion of the status review the agency will issue a 12-month finding that will determine if listing under the act is warranted.



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4 responses to “Berry Cave Salamander Faces Extinction, Victim of Parkway

  1. Anonymous

    i exstremly agree htat we shall save the and we shall save the endangered species in the country or citys and this is all ican think ive got bye got to go.

  2. Anonymous

    I think the earlier comments, “this is crap” just shows the sad state of our society and our total disregard for anything that doesn’t fit into the “I want want what I want, and I want it faster all the time” mentality. Our society as a whole is rapidly devolving as our technology evolves. It’s sad when people are more interested in who is winning on a ” reality TV Show” like survivor, rather than the actual and literal survival of an entire species. I understand that species naturally become extinct and always have through natural processes, but there is nothing natural about a Hwy overpass or Golf course run off. I’m not a tree hugger and would support an attempt to relocate the Salamanders. However if it failed the habitat should be preserved. We all too quickly forget we were not always the dominant species and mostly will be replaced in the future. Most likely due to our own short sightedness.

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