Ilam vulture population falls sharply


ILAM: The government recently launched a 10-year strategy to save endangered vulture species, but habitat loss owing to human encroachment and deforestation is taking its toll on vulture population found in bordering areas in Ilam district.


Till four years ago vultures can be spotted in large numbers in bordering Nepali forests at Jirme, Jamuna and Mabu. The opposite is the case now, said a local resident, Pasang Temba Sherpa.


According to Nepal Bird Conservation Association (NBCA), since Simal trees, which are favourite living places of vultures, are being felled massively, the vulture population is dwindling sharply. Human encroachment is leading to habitat loss of vultures, said Mitra Pandey of NBCA.


Human encroachment and deforestation is blamed for the fall in vulture population in Ilam, whereas anti-inflammatory drug called Diclofenac, used on livestock, is the leading cause of the same in other parts of Nepal.


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