Storks face extinction in Assam


Sukhendu Bhattacharya North Guwahati, Oct 31 (PTI) Assam is a naturally well endowed with rich flora and fauna and a high number of endangered animals and birds, but environmentalists fear that the great adjutant stork, popularly known in local dialect as “Hargilla”, is on the verge of extinction. The reasons are well known to animals lovers as the local people which includes loss of habitat due to increase in human habitat and a lack of awareness for the necessity of the giant bird. Moloy Baruah of “Early Birds”, an NGO engaged in research of what they call the “lost bird”, say human beings are the greatest enemies of the stork as wanton destruction of trees where they nest is the single most reason for their rapid loss in numbers. There is a foul smell in the surrounding areas where the storks nest and that is reason why the people settled in the nearby areas cut down the trees, says Baruah. “The birds normally nest in Simulu trees which are found mostly in North of Guwahati across river Brahmaputra particularly in the areas of Satgaon and Mandakatta”, he says.


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