Green group fears yabby extinction

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Darling River Action Group (DRAG) says yabbies could be fished to extinction.

The environmental group has made a submission to the Department of Primary Industries, rejecting a recent species impact statement which says commercial yabby fishing in the region is sustainable.

DRAG chairman Mark Hutton says the statement does not have any credible scientific evidence.

“After professional fishermen have been through an area, there’s virtually no yabbies left and you can’t keep doing that to a species continually because eventually it will lead to their extinction,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter what politicians say, if you try to put these things through without scientific evidence, eventually the species will become extinct and that’s what we’re really worried about.”

Mr Hutton says the statement needs to be peer reviewed.

“They’re saying that commercial yabbying in New South Wales is sustainable but they don’t back it up with any science, there’s no report, there’s no figures on the catch rates or recovery rates,” he said.

“There’s virtually no information, scientific information, at all.”


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