Angola: Sea Turtle Continues Threatened With Extinction Along Coastline


Luanda — The direct capture of sea turtles and destruction of their nests, especially perpetrated by fishermen along the coast of Angola, continues placing this species under threat of extinction, Angop has learnt.

The concern was expressed Monday by the secretary general of the Mayombe Environmental Network, Rafael Neto.

Rafael Neto said that the sea turtles continue being the “breadwinner” of some families who sell their meat and eggs, in addition to make their shells ornamental pieces .

To counter the situation, mainly in September to March, the period the female turtles come ashore to nest, the environmentalists and ecologists of Angola step up awareness campaigns among the communities living along the coast.

Under “Kitabanga” project drafted by Faculty of Science of Agostinho Neto University, aimed at conservation of turtles, Mayombe network, as partner, acts in various fronts so that the risks are reduced.

This pilot project, expected to cover other communities along the Angolan coastline, has already benefited the communities residents in Barra do Kwanza, Cabo Ledo, Ramiros, Palmerinhas and other recently created localities.


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