Forest staff in cahoots with tree fellers



ITAHARI: Forest staffers are cooking up a story to give clean chit to forest users’ committee members who were involved in deforestation at Ramdhuni Community Forest located in Mahendranagar of Sunsari.

More than 35 trees were felled in the forest over the past six months under the leadership of acting Chairman Bikram Subba and Secretary Bhim Rai of the users committee.

A team of Bhola Yadav, chief, Mahendranagara Area Forest Office, was tasked with probing into the case. However, the team has been trying to dismiss the case

by making time delay in

the probe.

Interestingly, the team has recently prepared a report claiming that the trees had fallen naturally.

The team had reached the incident site a few days ago and prepared a report after evidences of deforestation were destroyed.

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