Poachers kill endangered black buck in Berasia forest


BHOPAL: Nine days after the killing of a spotted deer, a black buck was reportedly shot by poachers in Berasia forest range near here, officials said on Saturday.

Though the forest department flying squad members reached the spot on getting the sniff of the poachers, they couldn’t save the black buck that had gone down to Deghapur village under Beraisa range to quench its thirst at a water body. The endangered animal was shot at by around 10 unidentified poachers at that time.

After being hit by bullets, the black buck ran to some distance before collapsing. Though the poachers too followed it, on seeing some local persons around, they fled the spot leaving behind a big knife and other articles. Before the flying squad reached, poachers melted in the jungle.

After post-mortem, the endangered animal’s body has been disposed of. It died due to the gun shot injury, Bhopal sub divisional officer (Forest) S C Jain said. “We are investigating the matter to find out the poachers,” he said.

About spotted deer killing of April four in Berasia, the SDO said 11 people have been rounded up.

It appears that due to the rise in temperature, deforestation and drying up of water bodies inside the forests around the city, animals were straying into human habitat and falling prey to poachers.


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