Greenpeace launches protest at KFC headquarters


Environmental activist group Greenpeace has unfurled a banner at Yum! Brands’ headquarters in Louisville, Ky., that reads: “KFC: Stop Trashing My Home,” with a photo of a Sumatran tiger.

According to Greenpeace’s website, KFC “trashes” rainforests to make its packaging.

Greenpeace also released a report titled “How KFC is Junking the Jungle” that says KFC buys paper products from “notorious rainforest destroyer” Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), some of which comes from trees in the endangered Sumatran tiger habitat.

The global campaign was launched with the objective of persuading KFC and parent company Yum! Brands to remove rainforest destruction from its supply chain.

Greenpeace also created a website/video about KFC’s “other little secret” to explain the protest. “The Colonel’s turning the rainforest to trash,” the video says. Watch it here.

According to Greenpeace, Yum! Brands has done the least of any major quick-service company to rid their supply chain of rainforest destruction. The organization has facilitated a petition asking the company to stop this practice.

KFC, APP respond

A spokesperson for Yum! Brands said efforts are well underway to do just that.

“The fact is that 60 percent of paper products we purchase are sourced from sustainable forests, and suppliers are moving toward 100 percent,” the spokesperson said.

Additionally, APP has also sent out a statement calling Greenpeace’s report a “distortion of the facts.”

“The truth is the presence of MTH fiber says nothing about whether the product is sustainable or not. It is perfectly possible for MTH fiber to come from legal and sustainable sources,” the statement reads. “In fact, independent testing done by Covey Consulting in Australia last year showed that MTH fiber was present in many products which were approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) under its ‘mixed source’ Certification.”

APP added that MTH in its products do not come from the felling of virgin tropical rainforest trees in Indonesia. APP’s policies ensure that only residues from legal plantation development on degraded or logged-over forest areas and sustainable wood fiber enters the production supply chain.

Finally, APP announced last week an enhancement to its environmental strategy by adopting the standard of High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) and has committed to suspending all natural forest clearance on its owned concessions on June 1.


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One response to “Greenpeace launches protest at KFC headquarters

  1. Annie Perks

    Join Greenpeace! Turn your money into their money.
    (People must’ve stopped listening to Greenpeace by now, surely? If not, how many more examples of emotive spin like this will it take?)

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