Company threatens extinction of native eels


New Zealand First says the harvesting of longfin eels to the point of extinction for the benefit of an overseas-owned pet food company clearly illustrates the damage possible when foreign-owned companies are given open access to our resources. 

Rt Hon Winston Peters says it is appalling the Singaporean-owned Addiction Foods are using endangered native longfin eels to create what it calls ‘gourmet pet food’. 

“Populations of native longfin eels are declining and are at risk of extinction yet they are being sold in the US as upmarket pet food.

“The Government needs to stop foreign-owned companies from plundering our natural resources or longfin eels will be eaten into extinction by pampered American cats and dogs.

“For New Zealand to forever lose a precious native species in this manner is unacceptable and the Government must stop the damage inflicted upon the country by foreign-controlled companies.

“People in Europe who know anything about food rightfully regard eels as a delicacy, not pet food,” says Winston.

Source: New Zealand First.


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