Simal tree on the verge of extinction


KAILALI: The Simal trees, also known as habitat for vultures, are gradually decreasing in the district due to lack of knowledge of its importance.

Environmentalists have expressed their dissatisfactions to the cutting of the Semals tree for commercial purpose citing that rampant cutting of the tree would bring down the number of vultures.

The Simal tree is useful for multiple purposes and is used for making different furniture and its roots and flowers are used as raw materials for making medicines. Similarly, the huge logs of the Semal trees are also used for making boats.

Locals said that in the past there used to be a number of big Semal trees but now the number of Simal trees is decreasing drastically. Similarly, the vultures are also not visible due to decease in their habitats.

Dipak Badal, a resident of Attariya, said that a venue of vultures used to live on the Semal trees in the village but the vultures are also not seen these days with the decrease in Simal trees.


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