Over dozen lakes face extinction threat


MAHENDRANAGAR: More than one dozen lakes in Kanchanpur district are facing shrinking and extinction threat. However, no efforts on the part of authorities have been initiated to conserve these lakes.

Most of them, popular for religious tourism destinations, are losing their depth every year.

The existence of more than half a dozen lakes situated inside the Suklaphant Wildlife Reserve is on the verge of extinction.

The lakes situated both inside and outside of the wildlife reserve are losing their natural form.

Rara Lake, Rani Lake, Baunne Lake, Sikari Lake, Salgaaudi Lake and Baba Lake located inside the Suklaphant Wildlife Reserve are shrinking every year, thanks to the government’s apathy for the sorry state of the lakes. These lakes are losing their charm among tourists due to lack of maintenance and conservation efforts.

Wild lives in the reserve are also hit hard as the lakes are drying up. Meanwhile, the Suklaphant Wildlife Reserve has constructed around half a dozen artificial lakes for animals. Spread over 10 hectares land, Rara Lake is home to birds of various species and Magar crocodile.

Though human settlements around the lake were recently removed, no concrete efforts have been made to conserve the lake.

Chief Conservation Officer Yubaraj Regmi, said they were unable to maintain the lakes located inside the reserve due to fund crunch.

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