This site is an attempt to place the extinction and impending extinction reports in the same place as a resource for anyone who wants to use it.

The views expressed in the articles on the site are not necessarily the views of the poster.

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  1. Hi chaps!

    I came across this article whilst reading through my Sunday paper … thought it might be of interest to you 😉


  2. This week the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN) gave a presentation on Scottish sea angling focussing on the support they give communities and need for the conservation and regeneration of the marine environment to Scotland’s Environment Minister & MSPs

    The presentation was followed by a Parliamentary debate on Scottish recreational sea angling – the first time this subject has ever been debated in the Scottish Parliament.

    A key message given was the fact that we need urgent action to halt the decline of inshore fish stocks, and give them a chance to start regenerating. That can only be beneficial to the commercial fishermen as well as to recreational sea angling businesses and that “To do nothing is simply not an option. “

  3. Jane gell

    They are kiling millions of lives a day and the whole Earth with ethenol and biofuels.People who make and sell ethenol and biofuels are making a lot of blood money and have no hearts. We have renuable energys that are not living beings and they dont need to use ethenol and biofuels.

  4. Hey great blog! I would like to touch base with you about your blog. Please contact me directly at chris@greenpress.com

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  5. many extinctions on the Earth these days!

  6. mireille


    I’m a grade 11 student and I have a environmental science project. So, I chose the top of wildlife extinctions since it’s becoming a bigger predicament these days. I was wondering the ones who write these reports, are the scientists, scientific organizations or just a reporter?

  7. kate

    you guys are funny!!!!!!!!

  8. Carly Miller


    I have a quick question about your site. Would you mind emailing me back @ carlymiller687@gmail.com


  9. Jude Harrison


    My name is Jude Harrison and I’m one the team leaders for partner development at Greenlight Search, one of Europe’s largest digital marketing agencies.

    We are currently working to promote Sky’s Rainforest Rescue campaign and are looking for websites with an environmental/conservation focus; I was wondering if you could help us by providing a link in a couple of your sites.

    This is designed to help get the Rainforest Rescue campaign to rank highly in search engines, so that it attracts as much support as possible from a diverse range of internet users.

    If this is of any interest to you, I’d be grateful if you could get in touch.

    My direct dial is +44 (0)20 3326 6246 or you can call me on the office number, +44 (0)207 253 7000 and ask for ext 2050. Alternatively, you can always just email me back at jude.harrison@greenlightsearch.com. Or drop me your direct dial and I will call you.

    I really look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,


  10. Excellent idea for a blog, this information needs to be spread widely!

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